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Who knew buying health coverage would be the most pleasurable part of my day!! Ray was extremely helpful, patient and has a great sense of humor. Thank you and please thank him again. God bless..

-Penny Salim

Jovany was incredible! Extremely well informed, kind, and able to engage in conversation eloquently. I have absolutely no complaints for the company in which he works.

-Luke Martin

You answered all my questions and concerns and were very pleasant and easy to talk to and understand!

-Gloria Chandler

Aaron was very patient and willing to resolve concerns and questions rather than just make a sale with high pressure tactics. I'm appreciative of this quality of service as it speaks volumes of who you guys are.

-Robin Calderon

All was easy and good! Thank you

-Jeanene Shiro

Aaron was awesome he knew everything and made thie process of getting medical coverage painless. Thank you Aaron!!

-Gina Brown

He did great. I didn't feel like I was in the cogs of a machine. It was a personable, comfortable conversation full of valuable info. Many thanks!

-Kimberlie Corason

Nigel was very informative and friendly. I had some additional questions but my initial session with Nigel was great

-Jared Jiggetts

She (Deborah McNamara)  did great on everything and was able to explain it in a way I understand.

-Robert Fakelmann

Nigel was great at explaining the differences with a plan I chose and how it would work. Honest discussion, which I did not get from other vendors.

-Peter Wollmeringer

Ellie was awesome! She was informational, educational and very personal! She is a great asset to your company!!

-Shaun Jenks

Jeff Converse is absolutely amazing! He is truly passionate about helping others and made the experience of getting health insurance fun! I can’t thank him enough for going above and beyond to help me find the best coverage within my budget.

-Yesenia Rubalcava

Ellie Archer was very patient with our questions and answered in clear and concise responses which will enable us to present these options to our owner who will make the final decision. We feel most all questions were answered but will be contacting her in the future with any issues that arise. Thank you.

-Kay Moran

Excellent Service provided by Sherrie Borrayo. She was patient and diligent toward working the through the issue to a satisfactory solution for all concerned. Thanks

-James H. Fort

Jeremy was amazing! Being in sales myself, he did EVERYTHING right from keeping in touch with me, to explaining everything in detail and getting me the BEST coverage for my situation. Thank you!!!

-Kim Brown

Enrique Guzman made this all painless

-Antranik Baharian

Scott was very straightforward about everything & even helped me save some money, by explaining to me that I really didn't need such an expensive plan, based on my current position in life.

-Menachem Zirkind

I was very happy with Jeff he explained everything and was very pleasant and helpful.

-Dawn Martinez

Guillermo was very helpful, patient and had my interest in many ways in mind. He also managed to find what was the best fit for me.

-Nina Serafi

Wonderful experience

-Gabriella McDow

He was so professional. Went above and beyond what he needed to do to help find me the perfect insurance policy. I have already recommended him to a friend. Thank you so much.

-Susan Grosso-Cimpern

Scott was very helpful, friendly and patient and answered all the questions I had.

-Suheyla Pekin

Very personable and helpful. They understood my needs and got me the protection I need. Bottom line, I am saving money and not having to deal with the Government Marketplace! Job Well Done!!

-Dwight Faires

Nigel was very kind and informative of the benefits and answered all questions thoroughly thru the whole process. I felt very confident with the information provided by Nigel. Thank you very much.

-Sandra Fogarty

Everyone I spoke to was so nice and professional. They answered all my questions and worked with me to get the best policy for me. They were all very sweet and so nice. It was a nice experience. You have great people working for you. They made me feel good. Thank you

-James Van

Scott was great, he explained everything, i couldn't have asked for a kinder person to assist me and my family with our medical needs.

-Michelle Cabrera

I’m very pleased with the friendly service from Aaron. I’m grateful he is the one that answered! He was very helpful and patient.

-Kate Terrell

excellent job very trusted

-Marco Ponce

Ellie was knowledgeable of what insurance type we needed.It took a little while but it was worth it.

-Benedict Charles

It was so simple and quick, your guy saved me hundreds a month!.

-Karriann Arnott

Jeremy was excellent!

-Craig Rekdahl

Scott was awesome! Very knowledgable and clearly explained everything, plus saved me some money.

-Carl Peterson

Ed Lippert was easy to deal with and knowledgeable. He asked the right questions and answered my questions to make the best choice for my needs. Can't wait to see all the literature for my new insurance. Thank you Ed for the help and guidance! 

-Chris Morgan

Even though I was working while trying to sign up, he was very patient, I really appreciated that.

-Amy Metitiri

I know you all are very busy during this time, so I really appreciate the time and effort. Very good customer service. Everything went smoothly, even if I did have to wait on hold due to the high call volume - they even let you know where you are in line on hold.

-Nicholas Gish

Aaron was friendly and helpful. Thank you for great service.

-Adan Romero

Very patient with us and helpful.

-Samantha Molloy

Guillermo Zepeda was masterful. He broke things down for me in an easy to understand way, and not once did I feel like he was in a hurry to get off the phone with me. He literally "talked me off the ledge" during this confusing and frustrating process. Thank you!

-Angela Turk

Scott Lemone was very informative, very knowledgeable, articulate communicator, 10 star awesome! Give that man a Rai$e!

-Greg Strand

You hired the best. The phone had static, but we got through it. The agent was great!!

-Sandra Wallace

Jovani was super helpful in explaining what the best health insurance plan would be for my age and circumstances. He made sure I completely understood everything about the plan options to help me make a smart and informed decision.

-Eliano Sarto

My experience with Ed was an extreme pleasure. He is very courteous and listened to my concerns to fit me with the right policy. I look forward to working with him in the future. ~Brad

-Bradley Nelson

Raymond was so helpful and kind. It was such an easy and stress free experience! It was a pleasure to have him walk me through the process and find the best policy for what I can afford and coverage.

-Danielle Kain

Thank you for inquiring. He did a great job explaining my new insurance policy. Like you said it can be a bit confusing. A lot. Thanks again!

-Becky Brnett

Ellie was very helpful, really well informed and and had creative solutions to keeping my monthly premiums down while keeping my coverage comprehensive and deductibles reasonable. I had spoken to other agents from other companies who did not offer any of these solutions to me.

-Kathleen Quintas

Ray went above and beyond to get me good coverage

-Wesley Taylor

Aaron saved me over 50% on my monthly premium for 2019. Amazing PR skills. Truly a great representative of your company. What a great guy to work with! Cheers, Brian 

-Brian A. Cates

I needed insurance because I was recently laid off. Ed found the right plan for my situation, he was always available when I had questions, and promptly followed up to resolve an open issue regarding doctor participation. He was personable and helpful, and made a potentially stressful experience very pleasant! Please extend my thanks to Ed! 

-Lisa Linton


-Ralph Prieto

Good Patience and understanding from the agents is clearly felt over the course of the phone conversation. For me its not how well knowledgeable you are or robotic with your line of questioning with this day to day engagement. But the quality of communication you put out always makes it a better experience for both sides.

-John Geurrero

Very helpful and Ray found a plan that best suits me and was affordable.

-Nathan Hines

Thank you for all the assistance! Guillermo was very informative and answered all my questions very patiently.

-Jonah Bowles IV

Guillermo was very informative, patience and understanding. He listened to my needs and provided a plan suitable for me. Thanks, Guillermo! (He's really an asset to your team).

-Samantha Smith

Excellent plan for me!

-Luis Banegas

He was wonderful.,, cover everything!! I’m happy with his customer service 💯%➕

-Viviana Comejo

Aaron was so helpful assisting me choosing the right insurance. He was super patient and professional. Thank you!

-Masako Custer

I was told I only had 2 options for Health Insurance in my area. Both options would be 15 to 20% of my annual income. It was nice to find out there was another alternative. My experience was very pleasant and Ellie was very helpful.

-Gail Lederer

Jovany could not have been more helpful! He was prompt in call-backs, setting up phone appointments, he answered all my questions thoroughly, and I was very impressed with his knowledge of your plans. He listened to my concerns and gave me options. He was professional and courteous. I really appreciated the process because I had been dreading it. Health coverage is a personal decision, a financial choice, and is stressful. Jovany definitely softened the blow! I am grateful he is my representative.

-Kelly Hicks

Aaron was so professional and could actually hear in his voice that he cared!

-Sherry Wolf

He was patient, clear, and pleasant to work with.

-Mary Abrams

John was very helpful and well informed on my needs. I am very pleased so far. Everyone that I talked too was really helpful.

- Deborah Mullins

Very helpful staff.I believed that I was covered for what I expected regarding my healh needs in the future.Thank you all for your assisting me.

-Trinidad Laprevotte

I thought he was filled with information and exceeded his kindness even when I was slightly confused. 

-Cristina Shepard

LOVE ELLIE! she was so accommodating. and she answered ALL my questions.

-Christina Ghiloni

I was very impress on how fast was the service. The fastest service on phone ever. Everything was well in providing me with many options that best fits my needs and budget. Fantastic customer service. The transfering calls was very fast. I didn't have to wait a full minute to speak to someone. Great job!

-Manuel Armedo

Craig was patient, kind, and friendly. He gave me the time I needed to think it over and do my own research. I have had contact with several different insurance reps and I choose to deal with Craig because he didnt push me and gave me the time I needed to decide.

-Glenda Campbell

Nigel was wonderful! Very helpful and informative! He helped me through what was a very stressful process!

-Heather Caravetta

Scott did what I think all insurance companies should, didn't sell me something I don't need.

-Lance Lindstrom

Scott was great! Very personable and patient. He was also very knowledgable of all the plans!

-Timothy Chaapel

Thank You Aaron was a pleasure to work with, explained everything perfectly. look forward to working with him in the future. Joselyn was wonderful also very friendly!!!!!!

-Jennifer Varley

Deborah was awesome from beginning to end. She was patient and explained things clearly. She did her best to keep as close as possible to the budget I was looking to be in. Thank you so much for your help.

-Marcella Lopez

He did an excellent job of explaining the plans to me.

-Laurie Haas

Aaron did a super great job explaining and helping me with my options on what health insurance and supplementary insurances that would work best for me and give me all the coverage and protection I need for excellent health care coverage! Thank you so much Aaron!!!

-Carol Steele

Scott's awesome 👍👍👍👍👍great job

-Wanda Ellis

Aaron spent the time to find us the insurance we needed.

-Gregory Smith

Ellie Archer was amazing..funny..informative..and a delight to work. I completely enjoyed that experience

-John Hamner

Ellie made wonderful job, she was clear and guide me in a excellent, efficient and easy way to understand my new plan. Thank you for her support.

-Daniel Verade

Ellie was a delight to work with, She knew what my needs were and was able to help me. She is well versed in insurance matters, Was a delight to work with her.

-Kendall Brautigam

Phone call was pleasant. Ellie really listened to my needs and was very knowledgeable of what would fit my needs. She was very warm on the phone and the whole process was streamline and completed once we reached an agreement. She is the best!

-Theresa Van Houten

Scott Lemone was hands down the best costumer service provider I've ever spoken to. He was extremely personable and really cared about finding the best health care for me.

-Cassie Campbell

Mark was great!! He explained everything well & added a joke here & there. It made a long process seem short. Great guy!!

-Mel Soriano-Taylof

It was very easy to get the insurance i needed and that was a good thing

-Lisa Moran

Scott was very helpful in deciding the best Health Plan. He was prompt,personable and pleasant.

-Scott Tyler

Ellie listened to my needs and supplied me with the choices to make an educated decision.

-Elena Corso

Craig from is a great ambassador for your company. Treated me like family!.

-Ron Patrick

He was patient, explained every option available to me. I did not feel rushed to choose a plan and listened to my specific healthcare needs at this moment.

-Lourdes Suasnabar

Craig, made me very comfortable, very knowledgeable about the health insurance plans, great personally.... thanks

-Mary Johnson

Very thorough and clear communication. Caring and listened to my questions. Thank you Jovany!

-Steven Bradigan

Craig is great at his job, very knowledgeable, gave me a lot of options to choose from. He answered all my questions in a timely fashion. I'm very pleased. Thank you.

-Janie Anderson

John was efficient and professional. I was not left on hold for half an hour as seems to be the norm with Covered California.

-Angela Regan

Ed Lippert was very helpful and patient.

-Mehmaz Anderson

Ellie did a beautiful job explaining to me every inch of the way. Made our family day much better

-Shawn Drapo

craig did everthing right...thank you for caring about your people, both employees and prospective clients...we need a lot more of that in this crazy, nutty world...craig should get a big, fat raise, he's wonderful!!! thanks, amy

-Amy Thall

Jeremy is awesome. Patient and takes the time to listen to customer concerns. I have coverage until 12/31/18. Jeremy helped set up my family plan to be effective on 1/1/19 so we don’t have a lapse in coverage. You have a good guy working for you over there. Jeremy also helped a friend of the family get coverage just a short time ago. They also talk highly of Jeremy. I may even submit my resume to your organization - people helping people. That’s what it’s all about.

-Joseph Maggiore

I thought this was gonna be a big deal....Xavier made it simple and easy...did it on my lunch hour 👍

-Stephen Dettie

Jeremy was awesome

-Jessica Nardi

Jovani was knowledgeable and very easy to understand. 

-Juana Alardi

Jeremy was very informed about the health care offered .He explained everything in detail. He was very polite and courteous as knowlegable. As you know purchasing health care can be very confusing and he made it very easy to understand what exactly was in the plan that I would be receiving. Way to go keep up the good work 

-Jeremy L. Alves

Appreciated Craig's thoroughness and friendliness.

-Jeffrey Chandler

I just want to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to have a Healthcare at an affordable price. And thank you for Nigel did a great job.

-Kim Nguyen

John was patient and consistent. I think I asked the same questions multiple times and he was gracious and helpful.

-Jennifer Pujo

Craig explained everything to me in baby language. Made sure I understood and was very patient with me. You dont find that many people in ‘sales’ that actually seem to care about clients. Kudos to Craig

-Primava Polanco

I appreciated John's professional and concise delivery of the information on services and costs. I am a busy person and really appreciate someone who is respectful of my time.

-Gina Diaz

The quote she gave me is affordable for my wife and me. Deborah McNamara is very understanding and a great asset for your company

-Joseph Stosal

Our family could not be more happy with the help the John provided us in finding a plan we could afford when all of a sudden we lost our state insurance!! We could not be more happy with the service we received! Every question was answered with honesty! Thank you for all the help!!

-Marie Lundy

He's great. I feel very comfortable reaching out to him with the tiniest question. Very patient.

-Marina Spezakis

Ellie was sooo helpful! This was the first time buying insurance and she was the reason I went with this company! She was so nice and informative to me and my mom and got me a plan that would work for me!

-Tiffany Lim

Dude...that was the BEST costumer service in all 27yrs of my life. I was very comfortable talking with Nigel and he answered everything and made sure i was 100% sure with everything. He was AWESOME!

-Shaquan Cox

Jeremy, was friendly informative and not TOO wordy. Sometimes phone people talk and talk and talk, he was just right for me! Nice work Jeremy, I feel good about my decision! -peter

-Peter Johnsonn

John was very professional and did an excellent job. keep up the good work

-Mark Rohr

Jovany was helpful, efficient, and nice. I really appreciated his help.

-Veronica Gribanova

He made me feel like I knew him was pleasant to me he helped me out with the need that I have thanks

-Francisco Fernandez-Pelayo

Craig was wonderful to work with and talk to! He took the time to explain all the details and made me feel comfortable about my choices. Thank You

-Brian Montgomery

The information given was explained in a concise manner that made it easy to understand.

-Theo Bethel

Jeremy did a great job explaining everything and researching my existing doctors.

-Jeffrey Savoie

Hi, First off a day doesn’t go by that I don’t receive a bunch of calls regarding insurance and 99% don’t leave a message. Rick left both a text and a voice message using his first name. That’s why I called back. Nigel was patient with my busy day and also very informative. To my benefit I now have a health plan I am excited for. To your benefit I started my day without insurance, but your man Nigel did us both a great service and I am very satisfied at this point. Thanks.

-Nigel Delmar

Deborah McNamara felt like family, very kind and patient with helping us will all our questions and concerns. Steve & Dana Anderson

-Dana Anderson

I worked with Guillermo for the first timeI felt he was very honest and knowledgeable regarding the health insurance plans. He took the time to inform and discuss with me which plan would best suit my needs. He also gave me a contact number to discuss any further issues/concerns with him in the future. Great customer service!

-Tiyonnoh Cash

Very efficient and friendly service! Would highly recommend.

-David Bradley

Both gentlemen did an amazing job putting up with my sarcasm and outgoing personality they were so easy to talk to amazing people you have working with nothing to change at all!😊

-Laura Bowman

Jeremy made it seamlessly easy to sign up for the best rate for health insurance for my family. He was very patient and assured me he was an insurance broker without hesitation. I have confidence in him to be trustworthy and honest. Thank you Jeremy!

-Lauren Wheeler

Jeremy was very kind, patient and took the time to explain things in a very clear and concise way.

-Jacqueline Smith

Deborah was great! Couldn’t have done a better job. Knowledgeable, kind, and patient. Highly recommend her to anyone!

-Astrid Soto

I appreciate Nigel being very clear and informative about the process of acquiring insurance and with the insurance information itself. He was patient and helpful when I interrupted him to let him know I was overwhelmed, and answered my questions confidently (that’s important) and made sure he talked slow enough so I could make notes on the plan information. He was a good listener all around. Before the call, I was not looking forward to the call or acquiring my insurance (health insurance is stressful and the last person who called me back about a month ago was very scattered and unhelpful), but Nigel pleasantly surprised me and made the entire process easy and stress-free. 

-Kim Nolan

Personable knowledgeable patient kind and makes you feel like you are in good hands in this shifty car salesman type shopping experience. Thank you so very much Mark

-Clinton Milteer

Excellent service with Raymond Gomez👍👍🙏

-Dauro Kandhorov

Nigel was extremely attentive, professional and explained every question asked. He was able to follow up with my calls at a timely manner.

-Tina Burgos

Craig was great. Witty, charming, and also took care of me quickly and professionally. Excellent service.

-Bethany Worrell

Raymond did great at being speedy and straight to the point. Very professional and helpful when I ask for comparisons!

-Kiara Jackson

Ellie was so knowledgeable and very nice. She is a pleasure to work with her. Thank you

-Linda Sykes

Great customer service!

-Dulceneia Roulet

The process was smooth, efficient and easy to complete. I would not change a thing.

-Loren McRoss

Ellie was amazing! The customer service was my deciding factor that this insurance was absolutely the best choice. Thank you

-Jessica Ecker

Jeremy was outstanding!! He was calm, full of knowledge and incredibly patient with our "non stop questions" His work was so good that we obtained a super health insurance! I have to say that both my wife and I are physicians and understand the system, and Jeremy was phenomenal Please give Jeremy a raise! 

-Omar Caticha MD FACGS

Robert answer all my questions in an excellent way and explain everything well about the insurance. He was excellent. Thank you

- Isela Mendoza

Being new to working for my self after 18 years of having a job with benefits and insurance I was very insecure on what to do next. Nigel didn’t only help me pick the best plant for my scenario at the moment, he also educated me on how and what insurance really is and how it works. After all these years of just picking the best plan we as employees were offered, I am now confident on my own.

Thank you! Kind Regards 

-Ana Lapic

Craig Gerber, our agent made the process so simple! In today's marketplace, there are many healthcare providers to select from which can be a daunting proposition. I know now I have the best coverage at the right price for me and my family.

-Sallyanne Mattera

Jeremy was very nice and knowledgeable with the coverage I needed. I have been blessed to have him to help me through this trying time. I will be retiring and will need all the help I can get . Thank all of you so much!

God Bless, 

-Irving Kenzy

Craig was a great help for me, I appreciate his personal touch and his expertise in explaining to me all I asked him. 

-James Exum

You guys can not be better because you are already awesome. I live in the US 19 years I really have to say Ellie was awesome WOW

-Rainer Neyrnberger

I’m so happy to have found you!! I am able to save over $145 a month in insurance premiums! Thanks.

-Patty Khodabakhshian

it was an easy and fast process, Craig and my verification officer were very patient

-Gary Mulchandani

Scott sent a video that I could read and listen to. It explained in terms that I understood. When I called to sign up he answered all my question. He also gave me sites to verify that I wasn't being scammed and how to check the clinic and hospitals in my area to make sure I would be covered. Scott has made this process so much easier and I'm more informed then I've ever been. Thank you

-Bonnie Gorton

Ray was very friendly, up-beat and professional. He determined my needs and found the best price for my current budget. Thanks Ray!

-Cordelia Tabor

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