About Us

In just over 5 years, we’ve grown from a 2-person startup to the 3rd largest national telesales agency –  specializing in innovative healthcare coverage, and some unique, proprietary products.

We’re a fast-growing company with simple roots that have stuck with us.

Our Core Values

  • Work hard and prosper
  • Act with integrity
  • Feel proud but stay humble
  • Be honest
  • Be real, be yourself
  • Serve our clients like our loved ones

So while the health insurance world knows us as a successful, caring insurance agency, we think of ourselves as something more.

Here’s just one example. 

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 67 percent of people worry about unexpected medical bills, more than they dread insurance deductibles, prescription drug costs or the basic staples of life: rent, food, and gas.

Here at Healthy Halo our VIP Healthcare Services provide proprietary solutions that are unique in the healthcare marketplace to reduce or eliminate surprise medical bills, and many other expenses too!

Healthy Halo has solutions!

By providing solid solutions to some of the biggest problems in healthcare today, we help thousands of families save money, get fine coverage, and reduce or eliminate the anxiety about surprise medical bills that plague 67% of people today.

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