You don’t have to face the healthcare world alone…

When you use our Healthcare Concierge service, one of our expert healthcare advisors will help you find everything you need quickly and accurately.

Healthcare Concierge

Members gain a resource and concierge-style service to help them through the chaos and confusion often associated with the healthcare marketplace.

Our expert advisors will find everything needed quickly and thoroughly, including finding doctors and healthcare facilities in the member’s area, obtaining best available pricing for procedures and prescriptions and we can even schedule appointments or transfer medical records on behalf of our member.

This service empowers members with knowledge and information to address nearly any healthcare issue while saving them significant time and money.

Appointment Scheduling

Advisors will schedule primary care and specialist visits, as well as labs, imaging, flu shots appointments and more at your convenience.

Physician, Prescription and Hospital Search

Advisors find local, quality physicians, specialists and surgeons who focus on your unique healthcare needs, and the lowest price possible for meds. We make sure you are “in-network” to avoid surprise medical bills. You will always have fine choices as we provide you with the nation’s largest and best medical provider network. 

Elder Care Services

Members get help finding assisted living facilities, coordinating home health, Medicare applications, questions and appeals, Medicaid Denials, VA benefits, supplemental insurance and more.

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