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Our members save on costs in many ways thanks to our unique suite of services that makes getting great care easier and less expensive. But we don’t stop there. We will be your advocate and guide before, during and after any and health care events.

Great Healthcare Comes First

We work with  every major health plan across the nation.  That means you never have to worry that you missed out on a better plan.

You will get only the most reliable and respected names in the healthcare industry. We will show you a broad choice of plan.

Our first priority is to make sure you have exactly the right coverage for your own unique situation and budget.

Our Licensed Benefit Advisors spend as much time as you need to sort through the confusing maze of plans available. 

Recent changes in the laws and regulations might mean you qualify for a large federal subsidy, or one of the exciting new options now available.

Our benefit advisors will help you choose the right coverage for you and your family.


But We Don’t Stop There!

Your Healthcare Concierge service means you never have to face the healthcare system alone.

See a doctor and get a prescription without going to the doctor. Your new Doctor on Call e-visits are free, unlimited, and available 24/7.

This also allows you to skip the costly visit to urgent care because your doctor’s office is closed.

Read more about Doctor On Call here.

The Rx Concierge will help you in the complicated prescription drug marketplace.

Medical bills can be extremely confusing and frustrating.  That’s why we provide you with an outstanding Medical Bill Negotiation Service that helps with both pre-negotiation and after the service too.

We hope you and your family never need surgery.  But if you do, Surgery Saver saves you money and gives you peace of mind that you made the best choice.

Every member gets even more savings with our WellCard Health Discount Card.

Buy Only The Benefits You Need

Customizing your health care coverage can save you thousands more.

If you and your family have no pre-existing conditions, don’t need drug and alcohol addiction treatments, and are otherwise basically healthy, there are special plans newly available for healthy people with healthy lifestyles.

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